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2023 PROMO


Award-Winning Vegas-trained Hypnotist Jon Wayes is fully insured (up to $1 Million), was featured behind the scenes of America’s Got Talent (as seen below) & raises the bar for what your students should expect from hypnosis shows.

From students reading foreign languages in flawless English, to the audience steering the show from their phones, Jon’s New-Age Hypnosis experience breaks the mold of cliche stage hypnosis.

What’s more, Jon offers post-show VIP Motivational Life Hack Training students can utilize to excel in the real-world. Jon provides the most upfront value in the market, making him worth every penny!


Assembly (Wisconsin)

Testimonial (Wisconsin)

Pep Rally (Minnesota)

Testimonial (Minnesota)

Prom (South Dakota)

Testimonial (South Dakota)

Prom (Michigan)

Testimonial (Michigan)

Graduation (Indiana)

Testimonial (Indiana)

Graduation (Wisconsin)

Testimonial (Wisconsin)

America’s Got Talent (BTS Part1)

America’s Got Talent (BTS Part2)